Archive | February 22, 2011

Botswana Is Conservational Bastion For Wild Lions

AFRICA — While many believe Africa is one giant problem, places like Botswana and Rwanda are countries with strong conservation policies. When Botswana’s government learned that lions were facing extinction, they outlawed killing lions. Find out what these countries, along with National Geographic, are doing to protect wildlife

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Dolphins: Smarter Than Your 3-Year-Old?

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) Dolphins are brilliant — the second smartest beings on the planet. Scientists have just declared that dolphins are so intelligent that they should be treated as “non-human persons.”  As such, to exploit them in amusement parks or slaughter them (remember Taiji?) is as morally atrocious as slavery and torture. Read on to learn the implications of this fascinating and important discovery. — Global Animal

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Update: Baby Koala Frodo Is On Path To Release

Feb 22, 2011 AUSTRALIA — Three months ago, Frodo , who was shot 15 times,was found struggling for life beside the body of her mother. The baby koala has made an incredible recovery, and is well on her way to being released back into the wild. Read more about her progress from trauma to health.

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A Roar of Hope: Tiger Freed After Village Altercation

Feb. 22, 2011 — BANGLADESH — Endangered Royal Bengal tigers often wander into villages by mistake — and usually don’t make it out alive. That’s why this tiger’s release is a ray of hope for these majestic animals. Locals and wildlife officials near the Sandarbans mangrove forests are at last taking positive steps to protect the world’s last wild tigers. Read on to learn about the new tiger conservation plan in the Sundarbans. — Global Animal

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