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<p>Headed for slaughter ... bobby calf. Photo Credit: Animals Australia</p>

Got Milk? Calves Slaughtered For Dairy Production

AUSTRALIA — Dairy cows must first have a calf in order to produce milk. These male calves are often slaughtered after a short, horrific time spent starving in a slaughterhouse (and the atrocity called, veal.) Learn what cruel practices are currently in effect, and what further cruelties are about to be dumped on these calves. […]

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Wild Chimps in Africa Deactivate Snares Used By Hunters

Chimpanzees Deactivate Traps, Outsmart Hunters

A group of African chimpanzees has figured out how to deactivate potentially deadly hunting snares without causing any harm to themselves. Not only is this a positive indicator of the general well-being of the chimps, this discovery may be groundbreaking in terms of how scientists view chimpanzee learning, and animal intelligence in general. Find out […]

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